Cycles Radio

Media/Interview/Mix Sets & Press Requests including Video and Photography at shows

Remix/Licensing Requests

Record Lables

  •  If you are a record label wanting to send promos to Max Graham or for Cycles Radio please send using a promo system or direct download link to

Demo Submissions

  •  To send your *unsigned* music that you feel will fit Rebrand Records please follow this process:
  1. Edit your track to 30 – 45 seconds, it’s all we need to know if it has potential.
  2. Compress to 128 or 192 mp3 (we’re listening for melody and hook, not mastering quality so mp3 is fine)
  3. Attach mp3 DIRECT to email.
  4. Title Email with “Demo” and send to
  5. Do NOT send download links please (see full text below)
  6. One email for each Demo/mp3 is best.
  7. Please read the guidelines on this whole page before sending.


  • We listen to everything each week without fail so please refrain from messaging us on twitter or facebook telling/asking about the promos (can you imagine 100 tweets a week asking “”Hey i sent a demo did you get it?” and “Hey did you listen to my demo?” nightmare right?)  if you haven’t heard back within 7 days it means the music wasn’t for us. Doesn’t mean it isn’t for another label or that it isn’t good, just not for us (We’re picky bastards!)
  • Please do not send sendspace / soundcloud /zippy or other such download links as they can’t be listened to offline and will be deleted :( (we listen a lot in transit, in flight etc when there’s no distraction but also no internet)
  • If you don’t hear back for that track please don’t stop sending them as we are always looking for new bits and your/our style is always changing and evolving.
  • Please only send to one email address and not multiple. Both only makes more work for us and won’t increase the chances of us listening to your work.
  • Please no mashups, can’t sign a mashup right? (yes people send mashups all the time)

We hope you understand that these are not frivolous rules but rather a way to streamline the process and make sure everyone gets a fair listen. If you have any questions about this process please do not use twitter but rather email - We are also aware that other labels do this differently but this is the way that works best for us.

Please accept our apology and understand that we can’t give feedback or reply to emails for records we don’t feel fit the label as it would be a full time job unto itself.